– Ahcor is impulsive, carefree. He doesn’t think, he creates. Closer to Art Brut than Pop Art. Sometimes we will find in his work reflections on the current situation of art and on other occasions he will show our favorite pop characters recontextualized in his own Universe. With a rough and unfinished appearance, almost naive if you prefer, his Art Brut is born from the need to express those crazy ideas that need to be expressed quickly since, otherwise, they would not be carried out.

Money Eyes

It is a series of pop characters represented by fluorescent colors in the urban and casual style that characterizes AHCOR. Made on the highest quality watercolor paper, our little artist is able to change the identity and personality of these iconic characters.

New old things

In this project Ahcor recovers old paintings to give them a new meaning. After appropriating the innocent, pleasant and domestic aesthetic, he creates new compositions in which his personality remains latent. Immersed in urban culture, Ahcor prints urban art on any object involved.


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