Urban landscapes

– Sensi’s painting is aware of itself. The stain, the color, the shapes, the lines, the contrast, the texture and the intensity predominate over the theory of representation. His style is characterized by using techniques and tools from the 21st century with aesthetic overtones typical of graffiti, clearly influenced by the great masters of the pictorial avant-garde of the late 19th and 20th centuries. His creative process is based on liberation, expression and enjoyment, resulting in compositions free of judgments designed for aesthetic enjoyment.

As a result, we find an updated revision of a hegemonic urban structure where the grid, the gray and the predetermined are replaced by organic and colorful forms. In your urban landscapes anything can happen, nothing is predetermined!


Self Portraits

The way we relate to the environment is usually predetermined. There are few actions for which the power structure is not prepared. When Sensi introduces characters into his landscapes, they appear performing an action for which the public administration is not prepared. Sometimes ironically, sometimes satirically, and sometimes dramatically.

Fluor Series

In this series of fluorescent and vibrant colors, the landscape is mixed with ironic situations. A dinosaur and a duck argue about climate change. A surfer who forgets his wetsuit. A religious sculpture becomes a monument to parkour… The entire series is made in acrylic on canson paper.