ELSENS paintings have around 30 years of history and more than 300 original paintings. Iñaki Blanco and Emilio Jiménez (Málaga, 1954) started the project in the nineties. Both sign with a joint signature (IconE) and their production was based on the recontextualization of popular culture characters, especially inspired by comics. Captain Thunder, Asterix, Obelix, Tintin, Captain Jaddock… all of them set in real landscapes around the world.

There were several circumstances that led to the separation of IconE. However, the project continued. Emilio Jiménez’s dedication and enthusiasm did not stop. For a short period of time he created an artistic collective to continue with the project despite Iñaki’s absence. During this time, the firm that claimed authorship of the original paintings was CCCP (Collective of Painted Comics Paintings). It was when the relationship between Emilio Jiménez and Sensi (Barcelona, 1986) began. The first paintings that Emilio Jiménez and Sensi made were signed as CCCP but they soon began to use the acronym Elsens. Since then, almost a decade has passed and their joint production is counted in the dozens.