ROEM is the joint label of two artists (SENSI + EM). They eliminate the barrier between pop art and street art. ROEM is an evolution of ELSENS’ work. A hooligan, critical, ironic and fun version that adjusts to the latest trends in the art market. While the art of his predecessor (ELSENS) is contextualized in specific places, ROEM’s art does not need the representation of a specific place to convey its message. By eliminating the landscape, ROEM’s work becomes universal.

Roem is reflective and perfectly combines Pop Art aesthetics and iconography with the intention, commitment and message typical of urban artists. With a social and protest conscience, he uses a saturated color palette, very delimited by the drawing and applied in a clear and concise way. We will hardly find any blurring, strokes, brushstrokes or pictorial gestures in Roem’s production.

Fluor Portraits